About Wayne Robinson

Wayne Robinson is the president of  W.A. Robinson & Associates Ltd., which manages Frontenac Mortgage Investment Corporation (FMIC).

In 1986, Wayne transformed Frontenac into one of Canada’s first group administered mortgage funds. Over the years, FMIC has grown into one of the largest mortgage-backed corporations in Canada, producing 27 years of positive returns.

Before establishing himself in the mortgage investment corporation industry, Wayne spent his life collecting experience grounded in social services, financial planning, and business operations.

After graduating from Queen’s in the early 70’s, Wayne moved to Australia to work abroad; during this time he worked as a food analyst while gaining valuable life experience. After a year in the Land Down Under, Wayne made a pit stop in Africa, before returning to his native Canada; this time in Africa motivated him to work with communities and individuals on improving social situations.

Once back in the Great White North, Wayne set up a community-based organization and personally functioned as its Community Animator – a social services worker charged with breathing life back into a community. The success of this organization spawned similar models around the company.

Wayne’s desire to run his own business ultimately led him to set up Frontenac Financial Planning, the precursor to FMIC. Wayne entered the financial planning industry truly believing in the principle of helping people plan the rest of their lives. He still maintains this principle, and employs it while running W.A. Robinson & Associates today.

Though Wayne enjoyed his time as a financial planner, he desired to work with real bricks and mortar. Sating his desire directly, Wayne moved into the mortgage fund field.

W.A. Robinson & Associates Ltd. is family-owned, family-operated, and inspired by family values.